How to Use a Plumbing Invoice Template

A plumbing invoice template is a form of document that can be used to document and track both payments and services provided by a contractor or company. It generally includes information such as the amount charged, the type of service rendered, the date the service was rendered, and other relevant details.

A plumbing invoice is a great way to ensure service payment is tracked and received promptly.

Let’s take a closer look at what a plumbing invoice template is and how it can be used:

Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template
Plumbing Invoice Template

Creating accurate and professional-looking invoices for clients can seem intimidating, but with the help of a plumbing invoice template, it’s easy to do. This template is designed to help plumbers and plumbing companies to create detailed invoices for their services quickly and effectively.

It comes pre-filled with industry-standard line items that you can use as is or customize for your specific job. These line items include labor costs, supplies, installation fees, taxes, and more – everything you need to bill your clients properly. The invoice also has built-in features such as adding additional notes and notes about payment methods.

With this easily customizable template, you can be sure that every invoice has all the necessary information for your clients.

What element should be include

A good plumbing invoice template should include elements such as:

  • Description, quantity, unit cost, and price fields;
  • Tax rates and calculation;
  • Item subtotals and totals;
  • Payment terms;
  • Delivery and discounts offered;
  • Contact information for both parties involved in the transaction;
  • Unique customer numbers for each job or project;
  • The ability to accept payments online via credit card or PayPal;
  • Notifications when a payment is made or an outstanding balance remains;
  • The option to add a watermark logo to invoices for branding purposes.

In complement to these features, a template will save time–without needing to write out or type up individual invoices for each service provided.

A pre-formatted template also helps avoid input errors (and subsequent billing disputes) by ensuring that every field is correctly filled in automatically–in order from start to finish–saving both parties from unnecessary delays.

Plumbing Invoice Template excel
Plumbing Invoice Template excel


Free Plumbing Invoice Template
Free Plumbing Invoice Template


Plumbing Service Invoice Template
Plumbing Service Invoice Template


Plumbing Invoice Template word
Plumbing Invoice Template word


Plumbing Invoice Template uk
Plumbing Invoice Template UK


Plumbing Invoice Template google docs
Plumbing Invoice Template google docs


Benefits of Using a Plumbing Invoice Template

Using a plumbing invoice template can benefit a plumber in multiple ways.

It can simplify the process, reduce manual effort, and save time.

The template can also help ensure accuracy in pricing, job descriptions, payment terms, and other details.

It can also be used to generate professional invoices sent to customers.

By using a plumbing invoice template, plumbers can simplify the entire process for themselves and their customers:

  • Simplify the process
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Save time
  • Ensure accuracy in pricing, job descriptions, payment terms, and other details
  • Generate professional invoices
  • Professional Appearance

plumbing invoice template for your business can help create a professional appearance for you and your services. A plumbing invoice template provides an easy-to-use format that will ensure all the necessary information is displayed in a simple, organized manner. This allows you to present yourself professionally, helping to gain the trust of your clients.

The pre-designed plumbing invoice templates also ensure that all important information is included in the document, such as what type of work was done and how much was paid. This eliminates potential confusion during payment transactions, as all details are laid out in an easy-to-read format. Additionally, plumbing invoice templates often come with extra features such as customizable fields so you can tailor them to suit specific clients’ needs better.

Using this type of template also shows clients that you care about them and their experience with you as a business owner – in addition to displaying professionalism, using an updated version of the standard form helps maintain regularity across invoices and keeping up-to-date for tax filing and other compliance requirements.

  • Easily Trackable

plumbing invoice template is an easy and effective way of improving invoicing processes. By having a uniform system, you can quickly track customer payments and identify which customers are behind in their payments. Proper tracking creates more accountability for customers, giving you greater confidence that your invoices will be paid as scheduled.

Additionally, an invoice template allows you to generate reports quickly, helping you make decisions regarding customer payment activities. A plumbing invoice template provides an efficient way to keep track of all the services performed by your plumbers so you can ensure all services have been accounted for and billed properly.

  • Ability to Customize

The template allows you to quickly and easily customize invoices for your plumbing company. You can contain customer details, such as name, address, phone number, and email address. You can also indicate your services with line item reports and specifications.

Additionally, you can count price times and requirements that any project must agree to before it is carried out.

This allows plumbers to provide clients with accurate invoices for each job safely. The format also allows for easier tracking of payments since due dates are indicated at the base of per invoice.

With all the customization options available through templates, it makes sense to use a template for all your company needs.

How to Use a Plumbing Invoice Template

plumbing invoice template is an excellent method to make invoices for your services quickly and easily. It can keep you while handling your billing and record-keeping for any plumbing assistance you provide.

With a template, you can quickly fill out the various areas with the buyer data and the services you supplied.

Let’s take a look at how to use a template and what it can do for you:

  • Enter Your Company Information

The invoice should always begin by filling out your company’s details. This should have your business name and contact details, such as your address, phone number, and website.

Also, provide a federal tax identification number, state tax ID number, or IRS FEIN (if applicable). With this method, buyers can readily direct any inquiries regarding their invoices to you.

Customizing the invoice with your logo or name is also good practice. Doing this allows customers to easily identify and familiarize themselves with your company so that they can trust the invoices are arriving from you.

It’s important to recognize that you do not own to use a pre-designed invoice template – you can customize it however you like! You may wish to create modifications, such as adapting the font size or including notes next to specific fields so that customers can understand what is expected of them. That said, be sure not to obstruct the spaces where buyers require to deliver important details like payment details or an itemized inventory of assistance supplied.

  • Enter Your Client’s Information

This section is where you should enter all the required details about your client. This contains the buyer’s name, address, and any additional contact knowledge you have for them.

You also need to contain their company name and logo if they have one. Once this is completed, move on to the description section of the invoice template.

Double-check all entries for accuracy and completeness before moving on to ensure the invoice will be sent out correctly.

Some important details in this section that must be filled in include the following:

  1. Name of client
  2. Client Contact Information (email address, phone number)
  3. Business name & logo (if applicable)

Enter the Services and Costs

When employing a template, it is necessary to indicate the assistance provided and its associated costs. Please enter the job details in the invoice to confirm they are accurately recorded. This includes specifying detailed job descriptions, upfront costs or repair costs, and additional fees. You should also include tax percentages and additional charges that may apply to your region.

Enter service hours and time spent on the job by your technicians when applicable. This allows tracking of total labor costs and billing amounts at the end of the project according to the anticipated labor rates. You can also add any discounts or perks available for this specific job. Be sure to note which clients are eligible for these discounts so you can apply them properly during invoicing later.

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When entering services and costs in a template, the last step is entering customer payment terms and deadlines, if applicable. Specify due dates for full payment (recurring or one-time) and any late fees that apply if required. Including price terms upfront in the invoice creates recording costs easier down the road, allowing you to manage your cash flow better and more accurately.

Preview and Send

When satisfied with the details shown on your invoice, you can preview it before sending it off. This allows you to double-check that all of the required details, such as buyer name and address, billable items, and payment information, are accurate. Once you are satisfied that everything is right, you can send your invoice to your client quickly and easily.

Select ‘send’ from the options menu to send your invoice via email. You will then be requested to enter the buyer’s email address to send them a duplicate invoice. After this is done, click ‘Send Invoice,’ and a copy of the invoice will be sent directly to their inbox.

If using an invoice for hard-copy mailing, fill out all sections on the form in full before printing it off and sending it through postal mail. Either way, your customers receive clear information about their service and detailed payment instructions to fulfill their obligations without delay or confusion easily.


In conclusion, It can be a fantastic method to guarantee you send real and professional invoices to your buyers. It is necessary to guarantee that you have all the required data in the invoice and that you deliver a clear analysis of the benefits and payments provided.