Free Printable Invoice Template

Free printable invoice template are an excellent option for businesses! This template contains all the required printable elements for invoicing- from the front to the back. Layout options include horizontal or vertical formats, and you can pick between a standard 4-column layout or a 3-column layout with a sidebar. The included documents are: 

  1. The invoice itself 
  2. A table of contents that lists each section of the invoice 
  3. A billing address column that allows you to enter your company’s full name as well as any additional information required (e.g., street address, city, state) 
  4. Two columns for customer contact information (name, phone number, email address) 
  5. A column for payment instructions (see below for different payment methods supported) 

Bonus: An extra blank space where you can effortlessly count additional text or graphics without reprinting everything!

Do you find yourself constantly filling out the same old invoices? If so, it may be time to switch up your template. This free template is ideal for companies of all dimensions and can be used to invoice your buyers!

The front side includes the business name, reference information, and logo. The back side includes all the required details about the order, such as the product and quantity ordered. 

There is space on both sides to include additional information or graphics. Plus, since this document is printable, you can always have a fresh batch of invoices waiting for your buyers when they need them!

Layout options include horizontal or vertical formats, and you can choose between a standard 4-column layout or a 3-column layout with a sidebar. 

If you’re handling a company, printing and sending invoices is important to your workflow. And one of the most common questions company owners ask is, “What type of invoice template should I use?” 

Many great options are available, but we recommend using our invoice template. It’s customizable, so you can modify the shades and structure to fit your company. You can also select between horizontal or vertical formats and a standard 4-column layout or a 3-column layout with a sidebar. 

Even better: Our templates are print-friendly and optimized for printing on both sides of the page. So not only will you save time by printing fewer invoices per day, but you’ll also be able to produce high-quality documents that look great when they arrive in your customers’ hands.

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Benefits of having a Free Printable Invoice Template 

  1. You can save time by using a free printable invoice template

When you use a free printable invoice template, you can speed up your workflow and reduce the time you need to spend on invoicing. 

  1. Free templates make it easier for customers to understand your billing process 

A concise invoice clarifies what is being billed and how much it costs. It allows customers to easily compare prices between different businesses or find the best deal for their needs.

  1. A well-designed invoice makes it easy for customers to pay online 

An invoice can boost customer loyalty and encourage them to complete transactions quickly by providing quick and easy access to payment information.

  1. Use of a free printable template can help increase sales. By creating professional-looking invoices that accurately reflect your services and pricing structure, you are more likely to draw in new clients who may have yet to consider working with your business.
  2. Having a flexible printing option means that you can customize each invoice according to your specific requirements

Tips for using Free Printable Invoice Template 

When designing your invoice, it is important to take into account the following tips:

  1. Design your invoice with a professional appearance. Remember to represent your business and its image when presenting an invoice. Use high-quality paper and design elements to create an impression of sophistication and professionalism
  2. Utilize typography for emphasis. Typefaces like Arial or Courier can be used for headings, text blocks, titles, subheadings, etc., to create emphasis on specific points in your document
  3. Keep the layout simple. Most people will scan through an invoice quickly – make sure the layout is easy to read, so that critical information stands out
  4. Use color effectively. Colors should be used judiciously; use different colors only where necessary to distinguish between various parts of the document (for example, headings versus paragraphs)

The included documents are: 

The header includes the business name, address, and contact info. 

The body contains all the particulars about the purchase, such as item number, price, date/time purchased, etc. 

The footer summarizes any additional information or credits that need to be given to the customer (like sales tax). Overall, this document is extremely user-friendly and provides everything you need to complete an invoice quickly and easily.

The invoice itself 

The invoice is an important document for your company. It should be created correctly and professionally and read and understood comfortably. The font size of the text on the invoice should be adjusted to ensure that it is legible, and the colors used on the invoice should be complementary to those used in your business.

A table of contents

  1. It is easy to print out and use

1.1 It prints on one page 

  1. That lists each section of the invoice 

2.1 Sections are labeled with headings, such as “Description” or “Amount due.” 

  1. Customizing the table of contents to match your business needs 

3.1 You can change the font, color, and size 

  1. Printing the table of content

A billing address column

A billing address column that allows you to enter your company’s full name and any additional information required (e.g., street address, city, state) makes the invoice look more professional and helps track invoices.

By entering your company’s full name and other required information in the billing address column, you can create a high-quality invoice that will impress clients and creditors alike.

This feature is especially useful for businesses with multiple locations or dealing with difficult customers; by including all relevant contact information in one document, disputes will be reduced significantly. Additionally, this field can help track invoices—by keeping tabs on which client paid which bill at what time, accounting tasks will become much simpler.

Two columns for customer contact information

Keeping track of customer contact information can be a challenge. It completes it comfortable to do so. The two columns make it easy to organize your contacts, and the email address column is useful for marketing purposes.

When you receive customer payments, having their contact information organized in one place will help you better manage your communication and outreach efforts. Additionally, if you have any cancellations or refunds, taking care of these processes with ease will save you time and hassle down the road.

A column for payment instructions

template, such as the following:

  1. The checkout process is fast and easy, especially if you use a payment gateway like PayPal. You can easily accept payments and have your invoices shipped within minutes
  2. The print quality is great because it’s designed for professional printing. It looks sharp on letter-size paper or in PDF format
  3. It’s available in different colors and sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your business’ branding needs
  4. It’s free to download, so there’s no need to worry about the costs associated with acquiring this type of template


You should better understand an invoice template and how it can benefit your company. By downloading and using this template, you will save time and provide high-quality invoices to your buyers without investing in additional software.