Perfect Cleaning Invoice Template UK

When planning to outsource your cleaning services, it is important to have a clean and organized invoice template. Cleaning Invoice Template UK provides all the information you need to account for your cleaning services accurately. This template includes sections for the client’s name, address, date of service provided, service type (room clean, move-in/out, window cleaning), number of rooms cleaned, and payment per room cleaned. This invoice also includes a description of work completed, including any cleaned surfaces and floors mopped.

The Cleaning Invoice Template UK is easy to use and print. You can customize the invoice to match your cleaning service’s branding and colors. The template is also customizable to add or remove specific fields or sections. Finally, the Cleaning Invoice Template UK can be used for commercial and residential cleaning services. So whether you provide cleaning services for a single or hundreds of clients, our template will work perfectly!

How to create a cleaning invoice template UK

  1. Choose the right system for tracking expenses: You can use either accounting or spreadsheet software to generate your cleaning invoice templates. Accounting software is more accurate, as it tracks all spending in detail and makes it easy to reconcile totals at the end of the year. However, spreadsheet software is easier to use and customize, making it perfect if you want to track only general costs like fuel bills and telephone calls instead of specific details about each customer’s visit.
  2. Set up columns for date, customer name, service type (room/housecleaning), cost(£), the total amount
  3. Enter data into each column as it occurs
  4. Print out your template and start billing!

Cleaning Invoice Template UK

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What Should be included?

Cleaning Invoice Template UK: The template includes the following sections:

  1. Client name

It is important to include the client’s name on your invoice. Clear and concise labeling will help you keep track of your invoices and identify who is responsible for paying them.

  1. Date

It is important to include the Dates on your invoice.

  1. Address

Cleaning invoices correctly can be difficult. The right information must be included on the invoice and legible for your customer to read. Avoid including personal information, as this will make it difficult for them to understand what they are paying for.

The address on an invoice is key – ensure you include the correct street name and number, along with the town or city name, if applicable. This is particularly important when mailing your invoice, as mistakes can mean that your customers receive their bills in a different location!

Lastly, please refrain from using any abbreviations or symbols in the address; this makes it harder for your customer to read and understand their invoice details. Use only standard English letters and numbers, so everything is clear from start to finish!

  1. Date of service provided

On your cleaning invoice, specify the date of service provided. This will help calculate the billable hours for your cleanings and ensure that you’re billing for the time spent on cleaning rather than task completion dates. The service date should be consistent with the time spent on cleaning to avoid discrepancies in the calculation.

It’s important to keep track of how much work you do for each client and charge accordingly. Specifying the date of service provides a clear record of when tasks were completed so that accurate invoicing can take place. By providing this information upfront, clients are more likely to receive accurate bills and complete future projects without any surprises or confusion about what they owe you.

  1. Service type (room clean, move-in/out, window cleaning)

A cleaning invoice should include the following:

  • The service type
  • The service date and time
  • The total value of the service
  • The service type (room cleaning, move-in/out, window cleaning)
  1. Number of rooms cleaned

The number of rooms cleaned should be included in the invoice. Specifically, it should be listed as one of the inputs into your pricing model. This will help ensure that you are charging a fair price for each room cleaned and will increase the likelihood that customers will return to you again.

The price per room should also be included in the invoice. Simply multiplying the cost of cleaning by the number of rooms cleaned (or dividing this cost by total square footage) can provide an accurate estimate of what your customer is paying for their service.

Including this information within your invoice allows customers to make informed choices about whether or not they would like to have their property cleaned and helps avoid misunderstandings or disagreements regarding billing procedures.

The type of Cleaning service should also be included in your invoice if it differs from standard cleaning services offered by most companies. For example, if you offer carpet cleaning as part of your services, list this service separately on your invoice so that customers know what they’re getting when they hire you.

  1. Amount paid for service per room cleaned

Cleaning an entire house can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that the amount paid for service should be consistent across all rooms. Charging customers per room cleaned allows them to control their finances and ensures they receive the full value of the services provided.

Some cleaning companies may tack on additional fees like administrative costs or transportation charges, making calculating and billing for cleaning difficult. Instead of charging customers based on these extraneous factors, focus your pricing on what is most relevant-the work done.

Please make sure you clearly state the amount paid for service per room cleaned and list this figure alongside your detailed descriptions of each job order so that clients are always aware of how much money they’re spending.

  1. Description of work completed (cleaned surfaces, mopped floors, dusting)

A cleaning invoice should list the work done and describe what was cleaned. The following are examples of how this information can be included:

  1. Description of work completed (cleaned surfaces, mopped floors, dusting)
  2. List the types of surfaces that were cleaned
  3. List the number of floors mopped
  4. List the number of dust


Hopefully, you found this blog post helpful in creating a clean and professional cleaning invoice template. Always keep your invoices accurate and follow the correct formatting guidelines when submitting them. This will help ensure that you’re getting the most for your money and that your clients are satisfied with your work. Thank you for reading!